Print Campaign

TAPCO wanted to provide great speaker products to the growing legions of bedroom DJ producers, but they just weren't buying it. I directed a print/web/artist/video campaign and TAPCO products were suddenly on back order from the major retailers. Coincidence? I think not.

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Ampeg Dan Armstrong Ad Campaign

The Dan Armstrong "see-through" guitar was in many of the right hands in its brief existence during the tumultuous end of the sixties. Keith played one at Altamont and Jimi jammed on another, but just try to get those images for love or money.

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Ampeg History
Ampeg Dan Armstrong Story


A Magazine devoted to the Electronica/DJ culture and technology. It was great being the editor of a real magazine. I had a super-talented staff and we pulled every string to get the best artists and gear in our book. I miss the free stuff and V.I.P. passes.

Guitar Player

deltalab pedal review

The pay was tough and the arguments legendary, but it is always a pleasure to write for the best guitar mag on the planet.

Electronic Musician

For years I have written a gazillion Editorials, Technical articles and Artist interviews for the many guises of Electronic Musician Magazine.

'70s Drum Sounds
Dem Lowdown Dirty Blues
Quiet Singers

Marketing Projects

Mackie wanted to update their woodsy brand image with a bit of pizzazz and still drop a lot of product info for discriminating recording fanatics maintaining their studio-tan. 

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TAPCO Viral Video

TAPCO wanted to get the message out on the web that their S-Series line of studio monitors had warmth and power. Kitties sure are warm, not to mention innocent. Unfortunately they cannot endure the bone-crushing brutality of S-Series power.

Animation by Wendy Johnson. Written, produced, directed and edited by Me

Pop Rocket

As a Co-Founder of Pop Rocket I gained invaluable Startup experiences—from negotiating international distribution deals to keeping the office loo fully stocked and operational. Our CD-ROM game Total Distortion was incredibly media rich and development was a savage ordeal that pushed all involved beyond the limits of human endurance for three-plus years. When finally shipped, TD won many industry awards and was a critical success, but alas the day of the CD-ROM game had come to its end.

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Premier Guitar

It takes a worried man, assigned by Premier Guitar magazine to interview mutated bluesman Bob Mothersbaugh, guitar player of iconoclastic band DEVO. While the band tours for their latest album Something For Everybody I probe the depths of Bob’s desire to parody and mutate his beloved electric blues into a signature sound and style.

Sam Beam Iron & Wine Interview

DJ Times

djt skrillex

The first and the best DJ mag in the world DJ Times covers all aspects of the DJ experience. My contribution to this august publication are numerous cover stories, features, interviews, reviews and how-to's.

Hardcore Hardware Recording
Making Tracks
Virtual Insanity

California Institute
For Biodiversity

As Project Editor at California Institute for Biodiversity I used my talents to improve science literacy, environmental education and the appropriate use of technology in classrooms throughout the state of California.